What do you mean when you say "FashionTap is a database of everyone in the Fashion World?"

FashionTap is like the IMDB of the fahsion world. Everyone can be searched by their role in the industry and their location, quickly and easily.

Why is this cool?

  • If you're travelling to Los Angeles for the weekend and you need to get your hair/makeup done last minute for a special evening event, you can look up local hair/makeup artists, see their portfolio of work and hook up with them to set an appointment.
  • If you're tired of shopping at the same big box stores in your local area and you want to check out small, unique indie brands and designers in your local area, you can use our search feature to find them!
  • You're a model looking for a photographer in your area? Or vice versa? Use our search tool to find someone local to shoot with!
  • The "top 10 style bloggers" on BuzzFeed don't really inspire you? You just want to find bloggers who match your style, inspire you with their daily outifts and tag their items so you can shop them in-app? Now you can!
  • The search tool makes it easy to find who you're looking for in the fashion world. Maybe you just want to find some new inspiration, maybe you're looking for a business partner, maybe you're looking to hire a team for a project. The search tool helps you do all of this. This is what separates FashionTap from other photosharing apps. We are truly the app for the Fashion world!

    Watch this quick video to see how the search tool works on FahshionTap.