I'm a retailer/boutique. How does FashionTap benefit me?

For starters, FashionTap is the IMDB for the fashion world. One of the biggest challenges for boutiques is visibility! Too many awesome indie boutiques are going out of business because they had no visibility and couldn't be found. Now with FashionTap, boutiques are easily searched and found by location by thousands of fashion enthusiasts who are on the app.

We have a growing community of amazing retailers and boutiques on FashionTap. They post their photo content to FashionTap just like they do on Instagram.

However, when they post photos onto FashionTap, they can tag their products in the posts and drive sales within the app. The shopping experience is seamless; our growing community of fashion enthusiasts love shopping on our app.

Check out this video of our CEO Amy showing retailers and boutiques how to use our app.