I'm a makeup artist. How does FashionTap benefit me?

We have a growing community of amazing makeup artists, hair stylists and beauty bloggers on FashionTap. They post their photo content to FashionTap just like they do on Instagram.

However, when they post their content on FashionTap, they can tag the products they're wearing in the posts and drive sales for those brands within the app. The shopping experience is seamless; our growing community of fashion enthusiasts love shopping on our app - they simply tap the item they like to buy it.

So why is this great for makeup artists and hair stylists? Here's the best part... You get a commission on every sale you drive in our app! That's right, you get paid. So now you can actually drive sales for the brands you promote and you can get something in return for your promotion.

At the same time, you're adding your awesome creative content to our flourishing mobile shopping marketplace. Fashion enthusiasts from all around the world are coming to FahsionTap everyday for inspiration and to shop what they see!

Check out this video of our CEO Amy showing makeup aritsts how they can use our app to reach their audience, post photos, tag the items and drive sales.