How do I make money using FashionTap?

Users can link their FashionTap to their Paypal account in one simple step.

Each time a user tags an item in one of their posts on FashionTap, their friends and followers can purchase the item simply by tapping on it.

If you tag an item and another user purchases that item from your photo, then we deposit a commission straight into your paypal! How much do you get paid? Well, that depends on how expensive the item is and what we have negotiated with the retailer.

But don't worry, we show you a report of all the commissions you've earned and how many sales have occured on your profile. So you can easily keep track of which posts sell the most.

In this videos, our CEO Amy will walk you through “how to tag your items” on FashionTap.

How to tag an item in my post on FashionTap