About FashionTap

FashionTap is the social network for the fashion world that lets you make money from sharing and tagging the brands and products that you already love.know and love.

Be an inspiration
You can share your looks with the built-in camera, apply filters, and tag the brands you're wearing directly from the FashionTap app.

Be Inspired
You can find and follow top ranked fashion bloggers, models, designers, photographers, brands, etc., from all over the world to keep up with the latest style and fashion trends.

Tag what you're wearing
Wonder no more. Tag all your photos and support the brands you love.

Find out what's trending this season
Search looks by hashtags, brands, products, and specific users.

Find the top ranked fashion bloggers and models in your city
Whether you're based in New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Seoul, etc., FashionTap ranks all users by popularity and geographical location (i.e. every city in the world).

Make money while having fun
Everyone can make money by tagging products with links directly to their stores or by using affiliate programs (FashionTap does not take a cut of your commission so you receive 100% commissions). You're incentivized to share not only who makes that cool dress, shoes, bracelet, etc., but also where to buy it. You will be able to support the brands and influencers you love not just by your likes and follows but when you purchase products from their photos.

Our Story

Amy was working PR at a clothing company, where one day she was tasked with finding several bloggers in different cities to send clothes to for marketing.

"It was incredibly difficult to locate bloggers. There was no way to search for bloggers by location or to search for top bloggers in general.”

Why hadn't anybody built an IMDB for the fashion world? Suddenly an idea was born.

The next day Amy was on Zara's website. She had spent 20 minutes searching for a pair of shoes she spotted on another blogger's Instagram.

Amy asked the girl "where did you get those shoes?" The question was met with a typical brief answer "Zara".

There seemed to be a void at the intersection of tech and fashion. As Amy started to think of different ways to solve these problems, the idea began to consume her.

Soon it wasn't just an idea. It wasn't just a dream. It was a goal.

Amy quit her job and assembled a bold team of entrepreneurs and developers who shared in her vision.

Over the next six months FashionTap worked tirelessly to build the world's first fashion social network that empowers users to shop the products they see in each post. Brands, boutiques and designers can search for bloggers, models and other influencers by location to work with them.

Today FashionTap has grown to a team of ten and the FashionTap community, available for free download in the iOS app store, has grown to tens of thousands of users.

Users discover, share and purchase thousands of style and beauty products each day. Top influencers are finding and connecting with brands, retailers and PR firms in cities all over the world, and vice versa.

And Amy's just getting started...

Meet the Team

Amy Roiland Founder / CEO

Prior to becoming a fashion blogger (@AFashionNerd) she worked as a model, designer, a photographer and a PR-rep. Amy has played every role in the Fashion industry and she created FashionTap with all these experiences in mind. Amy's dream is to connect everyone in fashion on one social platform and to eliminate the phrase "where did you get that?" from mobile altogether. Amy eats, sleeps and breathes fashion, but if you ask her she'll tell you she's most proud to be a female CEO in tech (roar!)

Eddy Roche COO

Eddy is Amy's business partner. Ask Eddy's friends and they'll tell you he's the "make no small plans" type. Eddy has founded, built and advised several early stage tech companies internationally including marketplace, content, social apps and multiple fashion brands. When Eddy's not working with Amy to connect the fashion world and revolutionize mobile shopping, he's almost always drinking coffee and riding his bike.